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Chance has been screen printing since 2018, and during  that time helped build out and hold down a printshop in Oakland that served as a collaborative space to design and print revolutionary art. 

Screen Printing 

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Print Shop


From 2018-2021 Chance built up and bottom lined a screen print shop that served to provide a collaborative space for artists and activists to print art in service of liberation. Chance helped print apparel for the abolitionist organizations ABO Comix and Flying Over Walls, in support of striking nurses, and the campaign to Save Parker Elementary School. Chance also independently produced 3 lines of shirts and numerous patches that promote abolition and revolution.


Fire to Toxic Prisons


In 2018 Chance was commissioned to design and print shirts for the Fight Toxic Prisons convergence which Chance attended.  This shirt was intended to promote the work of the Fight Toxic Prisons organization which works toward environmental justice and abolition.

Black and White Abstract Texture_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

Ruin Prisons 


Chance's second shirt design invites viewers and wearers to imagine a world in which prison are the ruins of a past era and depicts a prison which has literally become a ruin. The front pocket has an image of a cherub carrying an envelope through a chain link heart. It was intended as a  gesture toward the importance of mail art in abolitionist praxis.

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